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22 November 2020 by Aganippe Pavimenti

The rediscovery the cementine: PROVENCE is born

There is a timeless beauty in the soul of concrete tiles, that beauty that makes you enter a home for the first time and feel a sense of familiarity, that homecoming… these are the Aganippe Cementine tiles.

20 November 2020 by Aganippe Pavimenti

New catalog Passato Prossimo

The tiles of the Passato Prossimo line are proposed in the 40 x 40 cm size, with a thickness of only 12 mm and a glossy, semi-glossy (matt) or antiqued finish.

18 November 2020 by Aganippe Pavimenti

A modern house meets Passato Prossimo

In this new construction, a single house on several levels with a modern and minimalist but still elegant style and decidedly refined features desired by the owners, it perfectly matches the PP22 color of the Passato Prossimo series.