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La famiglia della granigliaAganippe means grit; since 1830, Aganippe’s family has produced baked brick and cement for crosses and fountains. Thanks to the passion for art, a new production started: first, decorated marble tile and then decorated grit tile. In 1910 the first characteristic factory born in Fossacesia between railway and the sea. The factory’s good position let to have easily raw material: white cement, fine microgrit and marble powder mixed with water gave a natural element which never change. The architectonic trend which wants to rediscover classical and natural material let Mr Arnaldo Aganippe to give a superior quality to the firm in the middle of 80s. Aganippe’s firm became in a couple of years synonymous of marble grit, thanks to its historical and traditional background and thanks to two masters artisans of the old school.

Aganippe’s grits are very beautiful and versatile they are no made only for floor but also for stairs, bathrooms and kitchen tops, tables and skirting board.
Tradition, ability and creativeness of the masters artisan permit to have at the same time refined and pratical product. Everyone can choose on the basis of its own taste and fantasy.

The origins of grit floors can be found in the sixteenth century with the ancient venetian technique of the “seeded” floors were made on mixturing cement brick powder and granulated marble. 
At the beginning of twenty century old techniques and new materials lead to the production of grit marble tiles, which were particularly suitable for the realisation of high decorative surfaces.
This technique was the best interpretation of “Liberty Style” and this kind of paving was very successful. Nowadays Aganippe’s grits are the only products that combine good taste and artisan superior quality but overall it is the only product which permits to keep the “Liberty Style” tradition in the modern life.

Family’s experience and tradition are very important in grits production. Altough new and modern conveniences grits production is still slow, hard-working and severely manual; each tile keep tradition, history, culture. The taste of masters artisan which create masterpiece of art and beauty for the present and the future.


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