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Località Cerratina, 77/r - 66034 Lanciano (Ch)

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Colors of the passato prossimo

The line “Passato Prossimo” is the result of Aganippe’s research that, thanks to his centuries-old experience, wanted to create a floor that would ensure continuity with the art of the Venetian Terrazzo, at the same time making the installation extremely simple, taking advantage of the most modern processes production technology.

PP01 Bianco
PP02 Giallo Chiaro
PP03 Giallo Scuro
PP04 Grigio
PP05 Rosa
PP06 Verde
PP07 Beige
PP08 Marrone
PP09 Nero
PP10 Rosso
PP11 Nero Ebano
PP12 Rosa Corallo A
PP13 Rosa Corallo B
PP14 Rosso Verona
PP15 Giallo Mori A
PP16 Giallo Mori B
PP17 Verde Alpi
PP18 Marrone Mogano
PP19 Bianco Verona A
PP20 Bianco Verona B
PP21 Bianco Verona C
PP22 Bianco Ghiaccio
PP23 Grigio Scuro
SIZE: 40 x 40 cm – thickness from 30 to 12 mm

SURFACE FINISH: Presmoothed (to polish after tilelaying)/Matt/Glossy/Antiqued