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The Mosaics, refinement of style and attention to detail

Mosaic is a form of art that has fascinated man for millennia, a harmonic expression that has celebrated Byzantine splendor and splendor.
By mosaic we mean a decoration technique that combines, according to a geometric or figurative design, colored fragments of different materials.
Aganippe Pavimenti was the first to establish a new way of conceiving mosaic: the brilliant idea was to combine mosaic and grit.
An extremely flexible artisan technique that has reinvigorated the universe of mosaic by opening new ones,
very wide horizons.
This is how splendid, unprecedented proposals for covering floors and walls were born.
Some of these innovative solutions, sometimes based on the customer’s project, are visible in this catalog, but the
variations on the theme offered by this technique by Aganippe are almost infinite.
Expert mosaicists practice their art, according to predetermined geometries or on the advice of the designers and clients.
A combination of patience and skill guides them in the inlaying of small, and sometimes very small, precious pieces of marble.
With amazing results every time.

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