Le graniglie

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Località Cerratina, 77/r - 66034 Lanciano (Ch)

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The evolution
of the
marble grit

The research activity explores new expressive possibilities of the product in line with the evolution of the concept of space
open, multidirectional and interactive architectural, where the horizontal or vertical surfaces are increasingly configured as mediums in which flows, actions, perceptions in continuous modification intertwine and interact.
The new strategy aims at overcoming the traditional concept of the flooring system in its implications
typological and aesthetic delimiting and delimited surfaces, orienting towards the dimension of
continuous morphological, material and fruition typical of the most advanced models of contemporary space.
Futuro Prossimo ensures the possibility of providing increasingly calibrated and customized solutions for every circumstance.
Thanks to the high level of production flexibility achieved and the extensive know-how available to the company, we can quickly satisfy any type of specific design requirement by creating decorations and formats to order.

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