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Aganippe Pavimenti, the
Temple of the Marble Grits

Saying Aganippe and saying grit is the same thing.
Already in 1830 this industrious family excelled in the manufacture of terracotta bricks and in the processing of cement for crosses and fountains.
But the passion for art and beauty soon led the company to devote itself first to the production of decorated tiles in cement only, and then to that of grit tiles.
In 1910 the first, characteristic Aganippe factory saw the light in the small Fossacesia.
It stood between the railway used for the transport of raw materials and the sea, near a stream where to draw water for the mixture of those natural elements that would no longer change over time: white concrete, fine micro-grit of the best marbles Italians, marble dust.
Strengthened by this past, this innate sense of beauty, in the mid-eighties the engineer Arnaldo Aganippe, now at the helm of the company, made them make the leap in quality.
In the wake of an architectural trend aimed at rediscovering evocative classic and natural materials, Aganippe invests with determination on its rich know-how, becoming synonymous with grits within a few years.

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Aganippe Pavimenti, the
class in every corner

The Aganippe grits are works of extraordinary decorative and aesthetic value, extremely versatile.
An ideal solution to cover floors and walls with prestige in any environment.
Thanks to their versatility, Aganippe Grits are on display wherever a touch of class and refinement is needed: from kitchen and bathroom tops to stair steps and tables.
In the Aganippe Grit the company know-how marries the creativity of the master craftsmen, arriving at infinite, suggestive shades of color that ennoble classic and modern environments.
In short, with Aganippe Grits everyone can crown their dreams by surrounding themselves with magnificent decorations that are truly made to measure, without limits to the imagination.

Watch the video to understand how a grit decoration of the company is born: Aganippe Pavimenti

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Years of experience

The strengths of
Aganippe Pavimenti

Choosing Aganippe Pavimenti means choosing an Excellent Italian product that for over a hundred years has covered our environments with beautiful masterpieces yesterday, today, always.



In the processing of Aganippe Grits, family experience has its weight.
Despite the advent of electricity, hydraulic pumps, double molds, production is still slow, laborious, strictly manual.
Every single tile contains the constant commitment, the unspeakable patience, and when necessary the intransigence, of master craftsmen guided by tradition.
Only in this way do Aganippe Grits leave their mark with absolutely unique decorative motifs and colors, in diversity and yet in the equality of one tile to another.
And it is only in this way that we have the certainty of fulfilling the wishes of our admirers 100%, with beautiful masterpieces today, tomorrow, always.



Aganippe research represents the will to innovate in the wake of tradition.
Marble Grit, a solid yet ductile material, thus becomes an area of confrontation for architects and designers without boundaries, flexible, open to solutions that are sometimes daring and sometimes conventional.
It is in this way that colors, dimensions and shapes have a free field.



It would make no sense to create a wonderful floor and then see a completely different kind of environment around you: an unacceptable jarring, at least for Aganippe.
Hence, thanks to Aganippe research, this desire for harmony and stylistic continuity is fulfilled with coatings in harmony with the floor decoration.
Walls, tops for kitchens and bathrooms, steps, stairs, tables: wherever you look, these exclusive coverings will enhance the refinement of the floor.
A concert of shapes and colors in an exquisitely Aganippe style.



The production schemes and the proposals illustrated in our catalog must not constitute a limit to inventiveness.
Far from it, they should be understood as ideas, suggestions for getting in touch with the universe of grit, with its infinite combinations of shapes and colors, decorations.
Those who turn to Aganippe can count on the centuries-old experience of a reality so guardian of tradition, but also extraordinarily open to the new, as the creation of recent product lines, Passato Prossimo in the lead, demonstrates.
This extreme flexibility explains why Aganippe is able to customize designs, frames and flooring centers to enhance projects and creations destined to leave a mark on the observer, thanks to their mastery of workmanship and originality.
We like to establish points of contact with our interlocutors, discussing their designs to arrive at gratifying and satisfying solutions.
The professionalism and creativity of architects, engineers and designers find in Aganippe an attentive, helpful and proactive interpreter.
The breadth of the ranges of Passato Prossimo and Futuro Prossimo is of great help in satisfying requests and expectations.
What we like to imagine between Aganippe and the customer is therefore a profitable synergy, a continuous exchange of ideas that always produces satisfactory results.


Thanks to the high level of production flexibility and the extensive know-how available to the company, Aganippe is able to satisfy any type of specific design requirement in a short time by creating decorations and formats to order.
The introduction of modern numerical control cutting machines with waterjet technology has made it possible to carry out any project or simple idea and also allows the use of a multitude of materials such as marble, metals, wood etc... to be included in our grit floors.
The careful planning upstream of each job allows to minimize the work on site, thus reducing costs and installation times, always obtaining a final effect of high quality.